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Ariel | Success story of the widely used detergent company



Ariel is a laundry detergent company developed by Proctor & Gamble Company in 1967. It is one of the most widely recognized detergent companies in the world. Ariel’s products are formulated with the environment and sustainability in mind. In 1985, the company released its first liquid detergent and changed the come. Today, after 55 years, Ariel is still one of the leading companies in the world. The company is also actively raising awareness about the prejudices present in society. In 2015, they introduced the #ShareTheLoad campaign in India to address the unequal societal expectations of men and women. Since its release, the campaign has had a positive effect; over 1.5 million men pledged to Share The Load. Here’s Ariel’s success story. 

History of the brand

In 1967, Proctor & Gamble introduced Ariel detergent to the market. Next, they introduced liquid detergent in 1985 and changed the game. In the ’80s and ’90s, people wanted something to make their clothes shine brighter. Usually, after three or four washes, the color of the clothes started fading. Hence, Ariel introduced Ariel Color in 1992. This product offered a bleach-free detergent that brightened the colors of the clothes. In 2001, the company introduced liquitabs that helped wash clothes quickly and in a straightforward manner. In 2012, they introduced the innovative 3in1 Pods and became the first and only company to make a 3-compartment liquid tab. Today, Ariel has a wide range of products in the market and is one of the leading detergent brands. Apart from creating products, Ariel has launched several campaigns, Share The Load being one of them. It aims to empower women and erase the inequality between men and women. 

#ShareTheLoad campaign by Ariel

In 2015, Ariel launched the #ShareTheLoad movement in India to address the inequality in Indian households. The company asked, ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’. In addition, they also released a short film in which two older women can be seen talking about how her daughter-in-law earns more money than her son. While, the daughter-in-law is working in the background. The husband then pokes his head out, asking her about not washing his shirt. The scene ends with the question, ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’.

Share the load in 2016

Ariel released another film in 2016 with the tagline ‘Dads Share The Load.’ The advertisement aimed to address the root of the problem: the prejudice passed on from one generation to another. In 2019, they sought to start a conversation urging parents to raise sons and daughters equally. The following year, they released the 4th instalment of the campaign. The film is depicted through the eyes of a little girl who notices that her mother is often tired because of doing multiple house chores. The brand wants to break the stereotypes created by society and promote equality among all genders. 

Ariel’s success story

Even after 55 years, Ariel is one of the top leading detergent brands. In addition to selling products, the company is also involved in raising awareness about the issues present in society. The #ShareTheLoad campaign has successfully educated people, especially men. The company continues to spread awareness about the prejudices present in society and break gender stereotypes. 

Recent Update:

In 2022, Ariel jumped into the world of the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. During the press release, the company talked about amplifying gender equality in household chores to create a meticulous, attested, and equal representation in contemporary living. For this purpose, Ariel has joined hands with five contemporary female creators. Moreover, Ariel launched a limited edition name-changing Matic detergent powder range in India. The special edition packs will feature common Indian male names. With the new edition, the brand aims to motivate equality in the household chores division. It is one of the most iconic themes of the brand. In India, household chores are mainly considered a woman’s job. However, with this initiative, Ariel aims to change historical thinking and bring in a breath of fresh air.

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When did P&G introduce Ariel?

They introduced the detergent company in 1967.

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