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Crocs Inc. is an American company that manufactures and markets the Crocs brand of foam clogs. The company has its headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, United States.

History of Crocs

Crocs were founded by Lyndon Duke Hanson and George Boedecker Junior in Niwot Colorado. The shoes launched originally as boating shoes in 2001. The first shoe model was launched at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida all the 200 pairs sold which produced. The brand officially started selling the product in 2002 and since then an exponential amount of sales seen. The main factor for these shoes was the shoe’s comfort and durability factor. The brand has been selling over 700 million pairs every year. The company saw sales reaching skyrocket in 2007 when former President George W. Bush was photographed wearing a pair. In 2008 the company’s revenue circled somewhere in the ballpark of $ 847 million USD.
Ironically Crocs saw a decline in their sales because of their own. The shoes lasted long and because of the sturdy designs, customers eliminated the need to purchase another pair even after years. This led to a large surplus of products with no one wanting to buy which led to major losses and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Types of crocs


In the year 2009, John Duerden was appointed and crocs started demonstrating a comeback. Duerden began the company’s resurrection by, closing down factories around the world. He nearly cut a third of the company’s workforce and simultaneously got rid of all the excess dead stock. He also shelved high enf]d women’s shoes and brands apparel. After cutting down the stocks and rebranded crocs, the company saw a slow rise in profitability.

The company began growing at a rapid pace after John McCarvel appointed CEO. McCarvel started new product scopes like boots, heels, flats, and even croc sneakers in an attempt to be establish as a “four-season” brand. He even opened many retail stores across the globe. The company saw an increase in the stats each month.


The brand did some amazing collaborations with globally known brands and celebrities. Crocs collaborated with Mills Cereal and launched Crocs Cinnamon Toast Crunch. These pairs had brown swirls reminiscent of the milk after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Jibbitz charms of smiley face cereal pieces. Crocs also collaborated with the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. The clogs retailed for $ 850 and went viral in 2017. The brand collaborated with KFC the famous fast-food chain. The design featured a red and white bucket pattern peppered with pieces of fried chicken and topped with an actual drumstick charm. Crocs also did more collaborations with Justin Bieber, Hidden Valley Ranch, Bad Bunny, Post Malone and more brands and celebrities.

Awards and Honors

Crocs are one of the customer’s favourites because of the comfort and the looks. Crocs’ Classic Clog has been named Shoe of the Year in FN Achievements awards. After taking home Brand of the Year in 2020.

What are the holes in the Crocs for?

They have holes at the top and the side that allow for airflow; movement of foreign objects or water out of the shoes.

Why are they called Crocs?

The brand was named after the environment and amphibious nature of Crocodiles so it’s called Crocs.

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