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Sameer Nigam | Founder and CEO of the digital payment app – PhonePe



Sameer Nigam

Sameer Nigam is an Indian entrepreneur and developer of a mobile wallet, a digital payment system called PhonePe. A long journey from being senior vice president of Flipkart to gearing up with the first organization. Finally, I came up with a user-friendly pocket payment application. Let’s go through the success story of Sameer Nigam and get a glance at the application development.

Early Life

Sameer Nigam’s started life in the capital of India, NewDelhi, born in 1978. From the long way from Mumbai to Bangalore, he shifted to where the PhonePe headquarters was built and handled the work. 

Originally from Noida, he completed schooling at Delhi Public School, Noida. Further, He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a degree in Computer Engineering. He then pursued a Master of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona (1991-2001). Later, he earned a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania‘s Wharton School (2007-2009).

Sameer Nigam’s Career

Sameer worked at Shopzilla as Director of Search Product Development till June 2009, soon after completing his master’s. Then he concentrated on an online social networking channel firm called Mime360, a company established in 2009 and eventually purchased by Flipkart and initially appointed to Flipkart as Vice President.

Later he worked in many divisions. From 2011 to August 2015, he served as Senior Vice President for the e-commerce giant in numerous areas, including marketing and engineering. In 2015, he was positioned as CEO of PhonePe and launched by him a firm of digital payment platform.

Sameer as founder

He has grown with many career options, from e-commerce marketing to online marketing. And also in digital media, handling social needs, business enhancement, web development, and analytics analysis. He founded his first step, Mime360(Mallers Incorporation), in Mumbai, which offers exchange platforms connecting content owners with content publishers, including savegame, Indiatimes, and others. This app was designed with high-security aids to prevent piracy, including content management and storage. Meanwhile, the e-commerce giant has been looking to acquire small companies to grow the team. That made to develop the Mime360 app into Flipkart, launching another venture.

In 2015, being Bangalore’s headquarters, he put forth his startup at the end of the year, that is December, along with two of his friends, Rahul Chari and Burzin Engineer. Altogether brought the idea of launching and designing an online payment app based on UPI. The PhonePe application went live in August 2016. He soon realized the rapid growth of the PhonePe app. Flipkart again took over ownership of the app in 2016. Further, in 2018, Walmart Incorporation, a giant e-commerce company, came into ownership worth $16 billion. PhonePe is expanding too soon to reach India’s online payment shopping footprint.

Awards and achievements

While studying at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, he was awarded the Wharton Venture Award in 2008. He attended the 16th NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 held in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He was a speaker at   Money 20/20 Asia 2019 in had Central Region, Singapore.


Sameer’s corporate career thought him with pleasant entrepreneurial experiences. His skills grow in product marketing, e-commerce, team management, digital marketing, non-medical homecare, lead generation, strategic partnerships, and many more. Attached is the inspiration journey talk video.

He also had himself skilled in many other as he worked in content management platform, he knew about search engine optimization, strategy, mobile applications, mobile advertising, and online advertising.

Recent Update:

Recently, there were some speculations about PhonePe moving its headquarters to Singapore from India. However, Sameer Nigam has not made an official statement regarding the same. He said that PhonePe is a made-in-India company. The company does not plan to itself overseas. All of its employees, offices, and data centers belong to India. Sameer also claimed that there is no reason for PhonePe to move its headquarters to Singapore. He feels that the company should contribute to the wealth creation of the Indian market. Recently, many startups and unicorns have moved their holding entities to Singapore and the USA. The regulations in the USA and Singapore markets are more advantageous. However, PhonePe aims to stay in the Indian market according to CEO Sameer Nigam.

What is revenue of PhonePe?

PhonePe has a revenue of 690 crore INR

What is net worth of Sameer Nigam?

Sameer Nigam has a net worth of INR 17.7 crore.

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